Helping K-12 teachers effectively integrate technology through

personalized professional development, coaching, and planning.

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Using technology with students can be a
daunting and frustrating experience.


Do you feel stuck with how to integrate technology?


Does your technology integration lack depth?

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Are your students engaged when using technology?

​I can help get you over the technology hump by incorporating

4 Key Principles to Technology Transformation: 

Creation, Choice, Context, Agency.



4 Key Principles to Technology Transformation

Transform your classroom, increase student learning, and experience refreshing progress.


Produce meaningful representations of learning experiences.  Students utilize innovation, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking to express learning in a way that often connects to solving real life problems.


Diverse learning options accommodate for the diversity of learners.  Students are given freedom and encouraged to explore multiple learning paths to demonstrate understanding. 


Technology is utilized with wider learning objectives in view.  Concurrently, students apply technology in close connection to their local community.


Leveraging what students care about to increase their learning.  Activities tailored to student interests in a way that engages and produces understanding.


Technology Integration Realized


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Matt Downing is able to explain complicated content in an understandable manner. All the PD's are extremely well done.

Dr. Maryann Kane
Music Teacher

I am a beginner with technology, and Matt's presentation was very motivating to explore it! Thanks once again!

Elizabeth Gali
EL Teacher

Matt is awesome! His teaching style works for me.  I wish I had had a teacher like him when I was a student!

Pat Mulholland
Elementary Teacher


Thought provoking conversations that help listeners dive deeper into educational practices.


A refreshing, discussion-oriented approach envisioning what education could be.


Dr. Matthew Downing

  • Interested in the way technology transforms the learning process

  • Excited about professional development that brings about effective change

  • Enjoys the coaching process and seeing positive results

  • Understands coding implementation within curriculum

  • 15 years K-12 experience

  • Earned a EdD from Northeastern University in Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, Leadership

  • Google Certified Trainer and Administrator